Saks 5th Ave

  • Saks 5th Ave
    Cleaned and Lined over 500 feet of cast iron drainage pipes
    ranging from 3" to 6" in diameter.
  • Completed 4 drain pipes
    with no disruption to tenants or retail space

Project Details

Saks 5th Avenue's New York City location is known around the world. This popular tourist destination is the company's Flagship store. It is located directly across the street from the famed Rockefeller Center Holiday Tree. It is known for their dazzling holiday window displays and appearances in countless movies. The building is maintained to impeccable standards.

Unfortunately, leaks developed during the holiday season in pipes encased in five-foot thick limestone walls. The leak itself was not a major concern, however the subsequent staining on the limestone façade was a major concern for this high-end retailer. Initially it was not clear why the façade of the building kept getting stains on the exterior wall. They would clean the affected area and the stains would quickly reappear. After cleaning the façade multiple times, management determined they needed to find the cause of this unsightly issue.

Their engineering team identified the source of the problem as water seepage. Threaded joints were leaking on the 100 year old galvanized drainage pipe. As discovered, this was not only a problem of appearance but a larger issue that would eventually cause severe damage to this historic site.

The Belco operations and engineering team developed a cost effective spray-in-place-pipe / spincast rehabilitation plan. All work was successfully completed during off hours as to not affect their sales operations.

Director of Facilities, Tim Doyle, was so pleased with our service that he stated, "Our building's piping system had been a continuous problem for us over the past several years, without us finding a reasonable solution. Belco's state-of-the-art process which allowed for the restoration of our pipe, rather than complete replacement, within one overnight period was truly remarkable."

Tim Doyle further said that The Belco Team was, "especially impressive as there was no interruption to our upscale atmosphere… Belco's professionalism and determination to supply a superior product, while saving our company a significant amount of money, is something that is greatly appreciated at all levels within our company… We at Saks Fifth Avenue look forward to a continuing working relationship with Belco Pipe Restoration."

  • Client: Saks 5th Ave
  • Cleaned and Lined over 500 feet of cast iron drainage pipes ranging from 3" to 6" in diameter.
  • Completed 4 drain pipes, each in separate overnight shifts which took one overnight period per pipe with no disruption to tenants or retail space as work was performed outside of normal business hours.

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