Belco Technological Versatility

Investing In The Future

Belco invests in all available and viable lining technology. The company will integrate conventional plumbing as well as the various lining technologies to integrate a turnkey solution for your pipe matrices that no one else can offer. Our financial wherewithal and experienced team offer turnkey solutions.

Epoxy Lining As An Eco-Trend

When you repair, rather than replace anything, there is significantly less waste. BELCO's epoxy linings are eco-friendly solutions that create no waste for landfills or for recycling and generate no carbon emissions during manufacturing. Lining prevents toxic heavy metals from leaching into drinking water and prevents leaks and breaks in pipe systems that contribute to water pollution and cause billions of dollars annually in water damage. Builders, co-op boards, and eco-minded developers and owners are increasingly more 'green' oriented. As environmental awareness continues to rise, responsible decision-makers are choosing green options whenever possible.

Lining Technology

All based on creating a polymeric lining in a pipe. Lining is effective in creating a protective barrier that prevents corrosion by encapsulating the metal, disrupt- ing the necessary elements for corrosion – metal contacting oxygenated water.

Cured in Place/ Inversion

Cured in place pipe (CIPP), also known as pipe within a pipe, is a proven, trenchless method for renewing aging and deteriorated industrial piping. CIPP uses epoxy resin-impregnated liners and an inversion process to form a new, seamless pipe within the existing, or in place pipe. The result is referred to as a pipe within a pipe. Broken, cracked or leaking pipes are well known problems. The cured in place pipe liner method for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation can be applied everywhere. We utilize the right equipment and a wide variety of resident liners for all conditions.

Compressed Air Epoxy Application

Optimal internal pipe surface temperature is created prior to epoxy coating. Another air pressure leak test is performed. Conditioned air is then introduced into the pipe to uniformly distribute the epoxy coating throughout the pipe segment. Following the coating application, continuous controlled air flows through the piping to facilitate epoxy curing.

Spray in Place Lining

The sprayed-in-place pipe system functions with a computer-controlled robot traversing through the pipe at calculated formula based on speed, flow, thickness and diameter. The procedure uses various robotic sizes and configurations depending on pipe diameter— this means there are almost no project limitations.


Belco has revolutionized pipe restoration and has elevated industry standards with the introduction of our proprietary model 302 Robotic Spray Application system designed for horizontal and vertical pipes. Now any pipe in high rise and low rise buildings can be relined with the same ab- solute precision as our Robotic Spray Application for underground pipes.

This highly specialized technology, developed by the BELCO team of engineers, has never been available until now. No other company offers you the expertise and technology our team brings to each job, nor do they deliver the high level results. Our computerized system will calibrate and apply varying thicknesses of epoxy in the same pipe and can adjust to accommodate fittings. The end result is a uniform, perfectly smooth lining that improves and increases efficiency and prevents costly leaks, all without disturbing encapsulated building columns and ceilings. Pipes can be lined up to 500 feet at a time.


With our Robotic Spray Application system, BELCO offers the most advanced epoxy pipe lining system available anywhere. This technology has been successfully used for hundreds of miles of underground water mains worldwide. This superior epoxy application process can reline pipes from 2 inches to 60 inches and can go up to 700 linear feet in one pass. This allows for water mains to be restored without ripping up streets. The system is capable of applying multiple products and can be used for any afluent.

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